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Forward-thinking vending

Meet the new face of round-the-clock retail

This is retail reimagined

When you’re running a hotel, hospital or transport hub, there’s a lot to think about. So why not let an expert take care of the retail side of things?

Vendologi empowers you to offer customers and clients a seamless shopping experience, 24/7, with no hassle, set-up and maintenance costs involved. You’ll receive a percentage of sales, and there’s a minimum annual guarantee.

Our story

Born from personal experience of an urgent retail need during a late-night hospital visit, the conception of a suitable 24 hour, site-specific retailing solution began.

Combined with the founder’s extensive experience in high street retail, the opportunity to bring a new world of vending direct to consumers proved too tempting to ignore. Investments were made in sourcing the best in low-maintenance, high-choice solutions that could be customised across a range of sites.

Today, Vendologi has grown into an evolving and exciting tech-led business providing support and assistance to users within hospitality, healthcare and transport spaces across the UK.

Flexible retail, wherever you are




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