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Vendologi for Transport Hubs

The time-strapped shopper is a well recognised customer-commuter to transport hubs. Yet, with 900 million journeys starting, passing through, or ending in Network Rail stations every year, their needs are rarely met with choice and speed.

Now you can encourage multiple transactions across under-utilised areas at your stations each week with Vendologi.

We combine the convenience of station retail with choice and speed to satisfy commuter needs swiftly. Our smart, interactive machines will engage with passengers in any ‘dwell time’, as well as nurture impulse spending.

To hear how Vendologi can maximise the profitability of your concourse, utilising the minimum of space, contact our Transport Vendolgoists today on 0333 121 0340

Why Vendologi?

  • Total GB rail passenger journeys in 2019-20 Q2 increased to 449m. That’s a 3.4% rise compared to 2018-19 Q2
  • 900 million journeys start, pass through and end in Network Rail managed stations every year, delivering 4.8m journeys a day for customers
  • The footfall in Network Rail’s five busiest managed stations was well above 500 million
  • Plus 40,000 staff across England, Scotland & Wales, including many on shift patterns
  • Network Rail footfall studies show that 25% of people coming into its stations are not travellers but actually use them for shopping and dining, paving the way for more retail opportunities
  • Developments will add more footfall, e.g. Cross Rail/Elizabeth Line services will mean 1.5m more people will travel into Central London
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